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till we have faces wikipedia - till we have faces a myth retold is a 1956 novel by c s lewis it is a retelling of cupid and psyche based on its telling in a chapter of the golden ass of apuleius this story had haunted lewis all his life because he realized that some of the main characters actions were illogical as a consequence his retelling of the story is characterized by a highly developed character the narrator, we re running out of water and the world s powers are - classified u s cables between american diplomats show a mounting concern by global political and business leaders that water shortages could spark unrest across the world with dire consequences, dph ct gov connecticut s official state website - change the script change the script is a statewide program that connects town leaders healthcare professionals treatment professionals and everyday people with the resources they need to face prescription drugs and opioid misuse, research grants us epa - supporting high quality research by the nation s leading scientists and engineers to improve epa s scientific basis for decisions on national environmental issues, california agriculture current issue and featured articles - in california s semi arid climate replenishment of groundwater aquifers relies on precipitation and runoff during the winter season however climate projections suggest more frequent droughts and fewer years with above normal precipitation which may increase demand on groundwater resources and the need to recharge groundwater basins, a novel coronavirus associated with severe acute - background a worldwide outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome sars has been associated with exposures originating from a single ill health care worker from guangdong province china we, pirates privateers captain blood the history behind - my mother instilled in me a love of reading so when i discovered several of sabatini s titles in a bookstore i bought captain blood many years later i did some pirate research that took me back to this novel as i reread captain blood in preparation for writing this article i realized how much i hadn t understood the first time, evidence based complementary and alternative medicine - 3 2 of exploration table 2 reports the results for the of tests the placebo treated control animals spent 6 34 of the time in the center of the of arena this value is considerably 25 one would expect in the case of a random choice indicating that the central zone was quite uncomfortable for the mice, lymphatic drainage system of the brain a novel target for - the belief that the vertebrate brain functions normally without classical lymphatic drainage vessels has been held for many decades on the contrary new findings show that functional lymphatic drainage does exist in the brain, mapping urban green infrastructure a novel landscape - common approaches to mapping green infrastructure in urbanised landscapes invariably focus on measures of land use or land cover and associated functional or physical traits however such one dimensional perspectives do not accurately capture the character and complexity of the landscapes in which urban inhabitants live the new approach presented in this paper demonstrates how open source, novel chitin and chitosan nanofibers in biomedical - 1 introductionchitin the second most abundant natural polysaccharide is synthesized by a number of living organisms chitin occurs in nature as ordered microfibrils and is the major structural component in the exoskeleton of arthropods and cell walls of fungi and yeast, tipping elements in the earth s climate system pnas - the term tipping point commonly refers to a critical threshold at which a tiny perturbation can qualitatively alter the state or development of a system here we introduce the term tipping element to describe large scale components of the earth system that may pass a tipping point we critically evaluate potential policy relevant tipping elements in the climate system under, water and its structure steve lower s web pages - recent work from richard saykally s laboratory shows that the hydrogen bonds in liquid water break and re form so rapidly often in distorted configurations that the liquid can be regarded as a continuous network of hydrogen bonded molecules this computer generated nanoscale view of liquid water is from the lab of gene stanley of boston university