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amazon com the illustrated star wars universe star wars - the ultimate book for every star wars fan experience the star wars universe as never before in this stunning visual journey that carries you to the farthest reaches and into the deepest mysteries of george lucas s cinematic masterpiece ralph mcquarrie the legendary main concept artist for all three star wars films and kevin j anderson the new york times bestselling star wars author, star wars galactic maps an illustrated atlas of the star - star wars galactic maps an illustrated atlas of the star wars universe lucasfilm book group on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers learn about all of the various planets of the star wars universe with galactic maps with detailed maps showing the different worlds and characters, list of star wars books wikipedia - star wars 2014 present since 2014 the official star wars canon includes all of the movie episodes the clone wars film and the television shows star wars the clone wars and star wars rebels as well as any books comics and video games published after april 2014 star wars legends works were previously organized around an in universe timeline based on the battle of yavin from the, convor wookieepedia fandom powered by wikia - convorees singular convor were a species of bird that could be found in several places across the galaxy including the moon wasskah the planets atollon malachor and takodana they had two eyes two wings a beak a prehensile tail and a gold and brown plumage in fact convorees were very similar in appearance to kiros birds from the planet kiros who also possessed grabbing tails, star wars sources and analogues wikipedia - a new hope includes many elements derived from the 1936 universal serial flash gordon the original property which george lucas had sought to license before making the first star wars film and its sequel flash gordon conquers the universe the basic plot involving the infiltration of a megalomaniacal outer space emperor s fortress by two heroes disguised in uniforms of soldiers of his army, list of books wookieepedia fandom powered by wikia - a list of all star wars books this includes all film novelizations novels comics young readers reference books and roleplaying sourcebooks all books are presented here in in universe chronological order as opposed to real world release dates 21 bby catalyst a rogue one novel by james, star wars disney wiki fandom powered by wikia - star wars is an american epic space opera franchise centered on a film series created by george lucas the popular film series has spawned an extensive media franchise called the expanded universe including books television series computer and video games and comic books, star wars executor class star dreadnoughts super star - description the first four executor class ships were constructed in the months following the battle of yavin and the destruction of the first death star before the battle of yavin imperial navy engineer lira wessex designed these sleek dark immense vessels to inspire dread in any possible opponent, the original star wars concept art is amazing - the original star wars concept art is amazing incredible illustrations by artist ralph mcquarrie not a trap, star wars launch bay disney wiki fandom powered by wikia - star wars launch bay is a walkthrough attraction that opened at disneyland disney s hollywood studios and shanghai disneyland the attraction for disneyland resort and disney s hollywood studios was announced at d23 expo 2015 on august 15 2015 at the disney parks presentation along with star, star wars ships at galactic voyage - mglt speed explained in the fictional star wars universe interstellar vessels are rated for their sub light speed in a common unit the mglt a unit of acceleration in common use throughout the old republic the galactic empire and the new republic