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ssl and tls designing and building secure systems eric - the secure sockets layer ssl is by far the most widely deployed security protocol in the world essentially every commercial web browser and server supports secure web transactions using ssl, bulletproof ssl and tls understanding and deploying ssl - bulletproof ssl and tls understanding and deploying ssl tls and pki to secure servers and web applications ivan ristic on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers fully revised in june 2017 bulletproof ssl and tls is a complete guide to using ssl and tls encryption to deploy secure servers and web applications, transport layer security wikipedia - transport layer security tls and its predecessor secure sockets layer ssl which is now deprecated by the internet engineering task force ietf are cryptographic protocols that provide communications security over a computer network several versions of the protocols find widespread use in applications such as web browsing email instant messaging and voice over ip voip, java secure socket extension jsse reference guide - ssl was developed by netscape in 1994 and with input from the internet community has evolved to become a standard it is now under the control of the international standards organization the internet engineering task force ietf, transport layer security wikip dia - transport layer security tls ou s curit de la couche de transport et son pr d cesseur secure sockets layer ssl sont des protocoles de s curisation des changes sur internet le protocole ssl a t d velopp l origine par netscape l ietf en a poursuivi le d veloppement en le rebaptisant transport layer security tls on parle parfois de ssl tls pour d signer, black hat usa 2014 briefings - a practical attack against vdi solutions the secure byod hype is growing and virtual desktop infrastructure vdi is considered the alternative solution for secure containers, virtual private network wikipedia - a virtual private network vpn extends a private network across a public network and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network applications running across a vpn may therefore benefit from the functionality security and management of the private network, java secure socket extension jsse reference guide - the java secure socket extension jsse enables secure internet communications it provides a framework and an implementation for a java version of the ssl and tls protocols and includes functionality for data encryption server authentication message integrity and optional client authentication, security with https and ssl android developers - the secure sockets layer ssl now technically known as transport layer security tls is a common building block for encrypted communications between clients and servers it s possible that an application might use ssl incorrectly such that malicious entities may be able to intercept an app s data over the network, black hat usa 2016 briefings - a journey from jndi ldap manipulation to remote code execution dream land jndi java naming and directory interface is a java api that allows clients to discover and look up data and objects via a name, 3 13 systems and communications protection - 3 13 7 prevent remote devices from simultaneously establishing non remote connections with organizational systems and communicating via some other connection to resources in external networks, design and build secure iot solutions part 1 securing - in this 3 part series of developing secure iot solutions the authors introduce iot vulnerabilities and design challenges for secure iot apps and then provide tested techniques for securing devices and gateways for example they discuss device authentication including certificate based authentication device authorization and application id validation, network security glossary watchguard technologies - acl access control list a method of keeping in check the internet traffic that attempts to flow through a given hub router firewall or similar device access control is often accomplished by creating a list specifying the ip addresses and or ports from which permitted traffic can come, sparta systems case study amazon web services - sparta systems decided to run its stratas quality management platform on amazon web services aws a lot of our customers in the biopharma and medical device industries had already started to use amazon for gxp and non gxp workloads says kratz, amazon rds sql server ssl support aws news blog - amazon web services is hiring amazon web services aws is a dynamic growing business unit within amazon com we are currently hiring software development engineers product managers account managers solutions architects support engineers system engineers designers and more