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welcome lundberg medical imaging xray mri ct - lundberg medical imaging is the purchase area s only independently owned diagnostic imaging center offering services in mri ct mammogram ultrasound bone density and walk in xray services, mri scan imaging center world class diagnostic imaging - we have performed thousands of diagnostic imaging studies in south florida your tests are important and you should go to a center with the highest quality technology and experience, types of nuclear medicine atlantic medical imaging - bone or joint scan the reason for this test is to find out if there are any abnormal areas within the bones or joints a small amount of radioactive material is injected into the vein which is then taken up by the bony skeleton, imaging hays medical center - at hays imaging center hic our motto is embracing technology for better imaging and better care we provide imaging services to both inpatients and outpatients at haysmed at multiply locations in hays as well as extending services to the northwestern part of kansas via our mobile services, enlarged spleen splenomegaly diagnosis and treatment - enlarged spleen learn about spleen location spleen pain and other symptoms and possible causes and treatments for splenomegaly, health screenings affordable medical imaging - health screenings we provide a number of early detection health screenings that you can receive without a prescription from your doctor these include ultrasounds and ct scans that can possibly detect disease well before a symptom appears, types of ultrasounds atlantic medical imaging - abdominal ultrasound imaging an abdominal ultrasound is a useful way of examining internal organs including the liver gallbladder spleen pancreas kidneys and bladder, ruptured spleen symptoms treatment and causes - the spleen is an organ located in the left upper quarter of the abdomen beneath the ribs it is about the size of a clenched fist and plays a vital role in fighting infection and filtering blood, spleen cancer spleen hemangiosarcoma in cats and dogs - key take aways hemangiosarcoma is t he most common spleen tumor in dogs common symptoms include weakness abdominal swelling collapse or acute death if the tumor ruptures spleen hemangiosarcomas are very aggressive with a rapid onset of metastasis to other organs surgical removal of the spleen with or without chemotherapy is the current standard of care, st vincent s clinic medical imaging nuclear medicine - st vincent s clinic medical imaging nuclear medicine svcmi is a private comprehensive specialist radiology practice that provides tertiary level services a specialised highly technical level of health care that includes advanced diagnostic support services and highly specialised personnel to st vincent s private hospital st vincent s clinic as well as to external referrers, the spleen human anatomy picture location function - the spleen is an organ in the upper far left part of the abdomen to the left of the stomach the spleen varies in size and shape between people but it s commonly fist shaped purple and about, do you have an enlarged spleen warning signs 5 - the role of the spleen the spleen is a brown oval shaped organ located in the upper left side of the abdomen just below the rib cage part of the lymphatic system it performs a number of important functions in the body that protect us from the effects of outside invaders stress and certain deficiencies, mon health medical center - at mon health medical center our mission is the enhance the health of the communities we serve one person at a time, physician s guide to goshen health goshen imaging center - about goshen imaging center with a full range of imaging capabilities from traditional radiology to some of the most advanced technology available today we re making disease diagnoses and treatment plans with greater accuracy and precision than ever before, multidetector ct cta advanced medical imaging center home - multidetector ct cta what is multidetector ct cta multidetector computed tomography mdct is a form of computed tomography, spleenic tumor removal spleen surgery in dogs cats - what is the spleen the spleen is an abdominal organ located near the stomach the spleen contains two types of tissue red pulp and white pulp, lymphatic system brandi williamson photography - return to top understanding the lymphatic system the lymphatic system consists of organs ducts and nodes it transports a watery clear fluid called lymph this fluid distributes immune cells and other factors throughout the body, olympic medical center surgical services - olympic medical center has built an outstanding team of surgical professionals and developed state of the art technical facilities to bring the best in surgical services to our community people elect to have their surgeries at olympic medical center because of the skill of our surgeons the expertise of our compassionate staff and the reassurance of being close to home