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welcome lundberg medical imaging xray mri ct - lundberg medical imaging is the purchase area s only independently owned diagnostic imaging center offering services in mri ct mammogram ultrasound bone density and walk in xray services, types of nuclear medicine atlantic medical imaging - ami foundation pledges 100 000 donation to gilda s club ami installs new pacs system atlantic medical imaging offers pre authorization service ami opens newly expanded office in toms river ami opens new eht office at black horse pike and spruce avenue, imaging hays medical center - at hays imaging center hic our motto is embracing technology for better imaging and better care we provide imaging services to both inpatients and outpatients at haysmed at multiply locations in hays as well as extending services to the northwestern part of kansas via our mobile services, enlarged spleen splenomegaly diagnosis and treatment - enlarged spleen learn about spleen location spleen pain and other symptoms and possible causes and treatments for splenomegaly, health screenings affordable medical imaging - benefits of early detection have you ever heard the ben franklin quote that states an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure at affordable medical imaging we believe this statement through and through because we have seen it save dozens of lives, enlarged spleen splenomegaly symptoms signs causes - enlarged spleen splenomegaly symptoms may include pain in the upper abdomen indigestion or hiccups an enlarged spleen is caused by other illness like low platelet count infections mono hepatitis tb liver disease from alcohol use anemia leukemia and lymphoma treatment for an enlarged spleen depends on the condition causing it, st vincent s clinic medical imaging nuclear medicine - st vincent s clinic medical imaging nuclear medicine svcmi is a private comprehensive specialist radiology practice that provides tertiary level services a specialised highly technical level of health care that includes advanced diagnostic support services and highly specialised personnel to st vincent s private hospital st vincent s clinic as well as to external referrers, types of ct scans atlantic medical imaging - ct scanning of the abdomen ct imaging of the abdomen is an examination that uses x rays to visualize several types of tissue with great clarity including organs such as the liver spleen pancreas and kidneys, sugar mill diagnostic imaging more than just x rays - overview the biopsies done at sugar mill diagnostic imaging are performed by the radiologist a needle biopsy is a sample of tissue or fluid this procedure is referred to as a fine needle aspiration biopsy another kind of biopsy performed at smdi is a core biopsy a piece of tissue is obtained and both types of biopsies are typically done under the guidance of ultrasound or ct with fluoroscopy, mon health medical center - at mon health medical center our mission is the enhance the health of the communities we serve one person at a time, physician s guide to goshen health goshen imaging center - about goshen imaging center with a full range of imaging capabilities from traditional radiology to some of the most advanced technology available today we re making disease diagnoses and treatment plans with greater accuracy and precision than ever before